<a target="_blank" href="">@thepitnyc</a>says farewell until next Thursday at 6pm! #flatiron #nyc
@thepitnycsays farewell until next Thursday at 6pm! #flatiron #nyc
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 <a target="_blank" href="">@thepitnyc</a>improv on the #Flatiron Plaza tonight. Crowdsourcing content! #nyc #newyorkcity #freenyc #thisisnewyorkcity
@thepitnycimprov on the #Flatiron Plaza tonight. Crowdsourcing content! #nyc #newyorkcity #freenyc #thisisnewyorkcity
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About the BID
about bid

The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership Business Improvement District, formed in 2006, is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enhance the area's reputation as one of New York's most vital and exciting neighborhoods. 

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What’s New

111Dining & Drinking at ilili BOX & Flatiron Green Cafe

Dining & Drinking at ilili BOX & Flatiron Green Cafe

Grabbing a bite to eat or a morning cup of coffee while passing through the Flatiron Public Plazas just became more convenient. ilili BOX, located in the North Public Plaza between 23rd and 24th Streets along Broadway, recently announced new hours of operation from 10:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. For those whose morning commute doesn’t require crossing 23rd Street, Flatiron Green Café is located on the South Public Plaza between 22nd and 23rd Streets and is open from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Both food kiosks have become popular destinations for locals as well as visitors. ilili BOX serves a variety of Mediterranean inspired sandwiches including pressed chicken, falafel Beiruti, and falafel Korean sandwiches. Sides there don’t disappoint, especially the can’t-miss Phoenician fries with Aleppo garlic whip. All orders can be topped off with a green lemonade made with mint, ginger and cucumber, or a Lagunitas pilsner.  Both hot and iced coffees are also served. 

Just south of 23rd Street, Flatiron Green Café serves breakfast and coffee all day, as well as more hearty options. The breakfast menu includes a variety of egg sandwiches and oatmeal.  For lunch and dinner, there is a selection of wraps, paninis, soups, and salads available. If you’re interested in some grab-and-go options, there are greek yogurt, smoothies, fresh juices, and a variety of cupcakes and cookies.

Whatever you’re in the mood for – a full lunch, just a snack, or a coffee – check out what ilili BOX and Flatiron Green Cafe are serving up in the Flatiron Public Plazas!   

111Downtown Magazine Calls Flatiron

Downtown Magazine Calls Flatiron "a go-to destination"

In its Summer 2014 edition, Downtown Magazine calls Flairon "a go-to destination," and the BID couldn't agree more!

Download a pdf of the article here.

(Article posted with permission from Downtown Magazine)


111July Courses at the NYC Business Solutions Center

July Courses at the NYC Business Solutions Center

NYC Business Solutions is a set of free services offered by the Department of Small Business Services to help businesses start, operate and expand in New York City. Whether you're an entrepreneur, running a small business or a large corporation, NYC Business Solutions can work for you - for free.

Upcoming courses for the month of July include:

  • Business Financial Management – Get the essential understanding of your company’s financial statements, how to create them, and what to do if you plan to hire a bookkeeper or a CPA.
  • Accessing Financing – Get an insider’s look on a lender’s underwriting process: what they lookfor,what are your options, and what resources are available to you as a small business owner to access capital and expand your business.
  • Intro to Pricing – Is pricing an art or a science? Learn how to set the right prices and how changes in price affect the bottom line.
  • Marketing 101 –Learn the fundamental concepts of a successful marketing strategy to maximize your impact while minimizing your costs.
  • Business Planning Basics at NYPL’s Science, Industry & Business Library (SIBL) – Hear about all the key components of a strong business plan, including how to reach target customers and developing a break-even analysis, in this three hour session at the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan. 
111New Neighbor: The Juice Shop Kitchen and Juicery

New Neighbor: The Juice Shop Kitchen and Juicery

The juice scene in the Flatiron District continues to diversify with the addition of The Juice Shop Kitchen and Juicery on Sixth Avenue at 22nd Street. A new project from Brian Schoenberger, former operator of Liquiteria, The Juice Shop isn't just juice; they also offer nutritious breakfast and lunch options.

Those familiar with juicing in New York City know that cold pressed juices are not inexpensive. However, The Juice Shop is committed to growing a concept that is more affordable, most of the 16 ounce juices that they sell are priced at $6 or $7, and the most expensive juice is still under $10. 

Also on the menu are items to-go such as kale bowls served over quinoa or brown rice with the optional addition of a protein. Not ready for green juice? Try one of their fruit smoothies. Granola and oatmeal bowls are served daily until 11 a.m.

The Juice Shop is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

The Juice Shop Kitchen and Juicery, 688 Sixth Ave at 22nd Street, (646) 918-6081.

111BID Program Spotlight: The Team Keeping Flatiron Clean

BID Program Spotlight: The Team Keeping Flatiron Clean

Over the last decade, the Flatiron District has become an increasingly popular destination for restaurants, creative industries, residential development, and public space. The desirability of this neighborhood is second to none. With all of these exciting things going on, some might not put sanitation services near the top of the list of buzz-worthy activities. However, over the last eight years, the BID’s Clean Team has played an instrumental role in making the Flatiron District what it is today.

Armed with brooms and trash receptacles on wheels, the BID’s sanitation team navigates the district seven days a week. On a peak summer day, a team of twenty work to keep the sidewalks free of litter to the best of their ability. The cleaners bag trash before cans overflow, and set it out for pickup by the NYC Department of Sanitation. Not even snow is able to slow them down. During winter months, the cleaners are routinely seen shoveling walkways, spreading ice melt, and sweeping leg-swallowing slush out of intersections for the benefit of all walkers. During warmer months, the Clean Team ensures that the Public Plazas are meticulously maintained for all to enjoy; each morning, members of the team put out the tables and chairs and "open" the plazas. In the evening, the Clean Team secures the furniture.

The Clean Team’s repertoire goes beyond just maintaining sidewalk conditions. On a daily basis, certain crew members are tasked with painting various street fixtures such as tree guards, light poles, and mailboxes, and remove any stickers or illegal postings. The BID also employs a special maintenance unit, which ventures out into the neighborhood once a week to power wash planters and remove graffiti.

As cleanliness has become the norm in the Flatiron District, it’s good to appreciate the part played by the BID’s Clean Team. The crew will continue to work hard year-round, sweeping away litter, shoveling snow, removing graffiti, and doing the little things to make this neighborhood a better and more attractive place to live, work, and visit. The Clean Team is supervised by the BID’s Director of Operations, Scott Kimmins, and the workers are contracted through Atlantic Maintenance. 

111Press Release: Flatiron Partnership to Host Free Public Plaza Events for the Mind, Body and Soul in July

Press Release: Flatiron Partnership to Host Free Public Plaza Events for the Mind, Body and Soul in July

Residents and visitors to the Flatiron District will be able to enrich their minds, strengthen their bodies, and laugh to witty performances – all for free this July on the Public Plazas. The Flatiron/23rd Street Partnership (BID) is collaborating with local partners to offer three weeks of the free evening programming from July 8 to July 24.

Read the full release here.